A new era of carbon technology




Human beings are about to enter a new era of carbon technology, and since 1990 we have been contributing to the new generation of carbon conversion technology business.The traditional Chinese philosophy holds that the basic elements and energy that make up the material of

nature are gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. These five elements and energy are mutually harmonious and reciprocating, forming a harmonious, diverse, vibrant, united nature. Nature and the human world. Following this smart worldview, we have used a series of cutting-edge carbon

conversion technologies to improve the efficiency of the carbon conversion cycle and reduce CO2 emissions for cities and communities to recover.Balancing and protecting the natural and residential environment destroyed by industrialization as the main business direction.

New Energy Transportation Solution

The METAL ELEMENT has affinities with Electric Vehicles and their associated infrastructure.

With a determined shift away from fossil fuels we herald the vanguard way to look at vehicular mobility and developed a new business model based on shared mobility of Electric Vehicles.

Already today we have established a power-charging infrastructure at key transportation hubs and residential communities, using power from clean renewable energy sources such as Photovoltaic electricity generation.

We feature shared use of Electric Vehicles to consumers and for distribution systems. We operate various fleets of Electric Vehicles at our key residential and tourism developments under our HANSOME EValet brand as well as light truck EVs for intra City logistics.

Low Carbon Neighborhood Development

The WOOD ELEMENT is associated with the comfort and safety of our living space.

Consumers are vital beneficiaries at the end of the supply chain, and their heightened environmental awareness compels them to place more and more importance on healthy and environment-conscious choices.

We create sustainable communities in healthy and conformable living environments through the integration of carbon transformation in all various forms. We also strive at reducing the environmental impact of our operations by promoting sustainable Yachting Sports such as sailing in our marinas.

Pioneering Biomass Conversion to Soil Quality Improvements and High Value Carbon Materials

Soil degradation is a daunting challenge that many countries face today, threatening our food security.

Biomass conversion technologies offer solutions to effectively address these challenges. Indeed biomass conversion and carbon sequestration technology that bind carbon to soil, regenerate the soil and increase agricultural yields.

Biomass conversion also generates advanced carbon materials for high- tech applications, converting bonded carbons in low value biomass waste to high- tech carbon materials. We are pioneering vanguard technologies in soil amendments, sewage sludge treatment and solid waste processing.

City Chilling Station

The WATER ELEMENT is inextricably linked to FIRE, as illustrated in the way we utilize thermal energy from energy storage systems to provide cooling services to the communities as well as infrastructure for cold chain food and beverage storage and logistics. At the present time cooling solutions in warmer climates require more energy use. By consolidating cooling services in City Chilling Stations that produce controlled temperature levels via waste heat, we optimize energy utilization, reducing massive carbon emissions in the process and create integrated temperature-controlled space.

From these Chilling Stations, we also implement Electric Vehicle supply systems for intra city short distance deliveries, ensuring a comprehensive sustainable Cooling services solution. This concept, which we dub Super Energy Square, includes cold chain storage, cold chain retail spaces and EV cold chain distribution.

Cascaded Thermal Energy Use and Storage

The FIRE ELEMENT aptly represents the technology we apply for the CASCADED ENERGY SYSTEM.

We store waste heat from the industrial sector in the residential communities we develop as thermal energy. Through optimized energy management systems, we store thermal energy for various purposes – from central air conditioning utilizing absorption chillers, to hot water circuits, to pre-heating our swimming pool water. We cool temperatures from 37°C to 30°C without the use of cooling towers, simply by creating water falls which function as landscaping elements in our developments. Cascading the temperature range for other applications in various areas of the community dramatically increases energy efficiency, while reducing carbon emissions.

Our concept consists of centralized thermal storage and clean energy reserve equipment.

We furthermore utilize waste heat recovery during the sewage sludge treatment process thereby bonding carbon into soil amendments, providing an energy efficient waste management solution.